Vaginal health and rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation may be achieved using Stems Cell Therapy.

In order to perform stem cell vaginal rejuvenation, your surgeon will harvest your own fat to rejuvenate and add volume where required. A stem cell vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation can lead to both an improved intimate experience and enhanced self-confidence.

Found in many different tissues throughout the body, stem cells are capable of becoming cells for various purposes – a skin cell, a fat cell or a muscle cell, for example. Many researchers have found that adding stem cells to injected fat is a remarkably effective way to achieve better, suppler skin. When utilised in a vaginoplasty or vaginal reconstruction, the results lead to a more natural appearance that many women find to be similar to or even an improvement on their body’s appearance in their youth.

While the effects of ageing alone can lead to a decrease in sensation and aesthetic appeal of a woman’s personal area, in many cases, environmental factors can substantially increase the need for vaginal rejuvenation. Childbirth is a common cause for a woman to require enhancement, though sexual activity, tight clothing, sports or other physical activities can also serve to decrease the tightness and aesthetic appeal of the vaginal area.