The Regenerative Clinic

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The Team

Our team of orthopaedic specialists, plastic surgeons and radiographers, work together with a skilled support team to ensure the very best treatment possible for our patients. Clinics and treatment facilities are available nationwide.  Located in Harley Street, London, Ascot, Windsor, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, York and Exeter.


Outcomes and research programme

As part of your treatment, we will ask you to help us collect, record and analyse the results of your Lipogems® therapy so that we can measure how well the treatment works and the quality of our service. In order to do this, we ask all our patients to fill out short questionnaires about their condition at various stages including: when you come to your first appointment, shortly after your surgery, and at regular intervals afterwards.

Any data we publish as a result of this research is strictly anonymous and we do not share your information with anyone else.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]