Mr Arun Ranganathan

Mr. Ranganathan is an esteemed trauma and orthopaedic spinal surgeon based in London. Specialising in all forms of spinal surgery including minimally invasive surgery, he has won multiple prizes and awards for his work, particularly in spinal research, and holds the rare distinction of being the youngest recipient of awards for his research on intervertebral disc physiology.

He completed his Orthopaedic training from Newcastle/Yorkshire deanery and underwent spinal training in North East England and Nottingham.

Mr Ranganathan is dually fellowship trained and certified in Orthopaedic spine and Neurospine surgery. He completed the prestigious AO Spine North America Advanced Spine fellowship in one of the most prestigious centres in the world – Krembil Neursocience Centre and Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto under the world renowned Neurosurgeon Dr Michael Fehlings and spinal deformity surgeon Dr Stephen Lewis.

He has been awarded a doctorate degree for research in the field of spinal surgery conducted in Sir Peter Mansfield (Nobel Prize winner) MR centre from the Nottingham University. He has the rare distinction of being the youngest recipient of the ISSLS( formerly Volvo) Award twice, in 2004 and 2009 for best international spinal research work in the intervertebral disc physiology.

He is also the recipient of the Britspine International 2004 and the Spine Society of Australia award in 2009 for best international spinal research work on the human intervertebral disc. He is an invited guest speaker in several international meetings and an expert reviewer in several international journals including Spine.
The combined experience of complex spinal training and highly accredited research have helped him develop software programmes and advanced imaging techniques which helps to predict the nutritional status of the lumbar discs and assess its future risk of degeneration. This tool is now a part of several international projects and is being introduced in London for the first time to provide the most advanced biological solutions to understanding your back and neck pain. Our rehabilitation team use this knowledge combined with advanced techniques to help with the non-operative treatment of all neck and back pain conditions, close to your home.

If surgery is required, he specializes in Minimal Access Muscle Sparing MicroEndoscopic Spine Surgery through small scars which provides greatly improved outcomes and earlier return back to work.

Mr Ranganathan has a large experience in dealing with all forms of complex high velocity Craniovertebral junction, cervical, thoracic, Thoracolumbar spinal trauma working in one of the busiest trauma units in London. He has a large experience in managing spinal infections especially Tuberculosis of the spine. He also has extensive training in all aspects of Spine surgery dealing with complex reconstructions of Cranio-vertebral, Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar spine. He is formally trained in Adult and Paediatric complex deformity corrections including all forms of spinal osteotomies and spinal tumour resections.

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