Mr. Ali Noorani explains about PRP treatment and how it works

In this video consultant upper limb surgeon Ali Noorani explains how PRP Treatment works. The video lasts for 2 minutes and 48 seconds and by watching it you will quickly be able to assess if PRP Dubai is something you would like to talk with us about.

This simple outpatient treatment may help you recover from a painful sports Injury or chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis and tendinitis.

What areas can be treated in PRP Treatment?

Overuse injuries and injuries of tendons:

  • Tennis-elbow, golfer’s elbow (Epicondylar tendinopathy) Read more
  • Runners/Jumpers Knee (Patellar tendonitis)
    Read more
  • Plantar fasciitis Read more
  • Achilles tendon irritation Read more
  • Osteoarthritis Read more
  • Tendonitis rotator cuff shoulder
  • Overuse injuries and injuries to muscles:
  • Muscle strain, contusion and torn muscle fibre


Tom Court PRP therapy journey

Tom Court recently underwent Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to aid in recovery of his right Knee. Tom says,

“My knee is feeling great. Training on it after PRP has been good. The pain in the front of the knee is getting less very quickly now.”

See his video treatment story below.

Details About PRP Treatment In Dubai

PRP treatment is an effective and well researched treatment. If you are currently in rehabilitation, experiencing chronic pain caused by  osteoarthritis and tendinitis, or being treated for a sports injury PRP may be extremely effective as it supports your body’s self-healing processes by using your own cells. The treatment reduces pain and can help you get back to normal activity levels quickly.

Procedure For PRP Dubai Treatment

We offer a convenient one-stop clinic and competitive fixed price diagnostics package to identify the issue and recommend prompt PRP treatment – all under the guidance of a top London specialist.  In addition to our PRP fixed price packages you may be recommended pain relieving injectionsshockwave therapy or Lipogems.

  1. Blood is drawn from a vein in the arm
  2. A separation procedure extracts and concentrates the desired body substances (ACP Autologous Conditioned Plasma)
  3. These substances are injected into the affected region

The treatment is generally administered at three weekly intervals with PRP injection to knee. Since the treatment is prepared from the patient’s own blood, the treatment carries a low risk.

Watch the video below to hear our Consultant Surgeon, Mr Ali Noorani explain more about PRP therapy.

PRP Injection Knee | How it works

The healing of injured or inflamed tissue involves a complex and precisely regulated series of natural processes within the body. Thrombocytes (platelets) play an important role in this process. At the site of injury they release growth factors that initiate the restoration of injured tissue and inhibit painful inflammatory processes. PRP therapy is based on our understanding of these complex processes. With its high concentration of growth factors PRP injections support the body’s self-healing processes.

See the benefits of PRP treatment

The animation takes the viewer on a journey through what it is like having sore joints from osteoarthritis or muscle pain. We follow two patients from the onset of pain to the relief.

How PRP works in action

In this animation the pathology of Osteoarthritis and PRP’s mode of action on a molecular level are outlined in a simple way.

How does it work?​


More than 30,000 procedures performed worldwide to date.

Fully CE Marked& FDA Approved

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