Our skilled team can offer a wide range of complimentary aesthetic treatments.

We offer the following non-surgical treatments

Before treatment with us you will receive a full consultation where your specialist will advise on the right treatment for you. We offer Botox® injection treatments, Dermaroller™and Dermal Fillers

Botox® injection treatments are commonly used to treat all areas of the face, as these treatments can combat both fine lines and also deep wrinkles.

Botox® treatments have been used as Cosmetic Treatments since the late 1980’s, revolutionising the cosmetic industry due to their remarkable results combined with very few risks and no recovery time.

Botox® injections have been used to treat millions of patients worldwide and is the world’s most popular Non Surgical treatment.

Dermal Fillers are popular and versatile anti-ageing injectable treatment that plumps, volumises and lifts the skin leaving it smooth, contoured and youthful. With instant results and no down-time it’s easy to understand why it’s one of our most popular anti-ageing treatments. The most popular treatment areas include:

  • Nose to Mouth Grooves (also known Nasal labial folds)
  • Mouth to chin (also known Marionette lines)
  • Frown Lines & Forehead Lines
  • Cheeks – to lift and volumise the whole face
  • Chin & Jaw line – to sculpt and define
  • Acne Pits & Scarring
  • Lip Lines – to fill lipstick lines, also know as smoker’s lines
  • Lip Filler to define the vermillion boarder and add volume to the body of the lips.

Dermaroller™ therapy  provides advanced micro-medical skin-needling, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.

Dermaroller is a natural skin regeneration and scar repair therapy.

Dermaroller™ can significantly improve the appearance of:

  • Facial and decolletage lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Aged and sun damages skin
  • Scars (including acne
  • Rejuvenation of hands
  • Acne Pits & Scarring
  • Lip Lines – to fill lipstick lines, also know as smoker’s lines
  • Lip Filler to define the vermillion boarder and add volume to the body of the lips.

A rejuvenating treatment and will not only reduce lines and wrinkles but can also give great confidence.

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All our treatments are highly effective and have been extensively researched. Please click here to see a selection of just some of the clinical papers for more information or read our patient testimonials. To find out how the treatment could help you why not make an appointment with our multidisciplinary team or call 0203 397 0200 for more information.


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The expert team at The Regenerative Face Clinic is made up of a strong group of clinicians each renowned specialists in their respective fields. Our plastic surgeons, aesthetic practitioners and anaesthetists, work together to ensure the very best treatment possible for our patients. Clinics and treatment facilities are available in Harley Street, London where the team are supported by an excellent support team. 

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Professor Wilson presents at the 5th International Joint Preservation Congress Sept 2018 in Warsaw.

It is always good to share research and outcomes with colleagues from around the World. The latest Congress in Warsaw was a perfect opportunity for Professor Wilson to present. He was joined on stage by Professor Carlo Tremolada discussing the merits of Lipogems for treating arthritis.

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