Journalist Lynne Hyland has a Lipogems proceedure

Fix arthritis with LIPOSUCTION – new treatment promises to heal painful joints with injections of tummy fat Lipogems uses the natural healing cells in fat to treat arthritic knees and feet – and Mirror journalist Lynne Hyland was among the first in the UK to try it. Watch her Lipogems procedure:

7 Replies to “Journalist Lynne Hyland has a Lipogems proceedure”

    1. Hi Magnel
      Thanks for your comments.
      Yes this is a relatively painless operation which is why we carry out most cases with the patient under mild sedation.
      If you would like more information please contact the team using the phone number on the website so that we can discuss in more detail with you.

    1. Hi Sally

      We have helped many people in your predicament. Please get in touch so we can arrange an appointment with one of our clinicians who will assess your suitability.


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