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About your Procedure

‘What does the treatment entail?’

The cells that we’re interested in collecting are called Mesenchymal cells as these cells have naturally regenerative properties, there’s a very high concentration of these cells in your fat tissue, what we call adipose tissue. Quite simply what we do in the Lipogems procedure is we remove a really small amount of your fatty tissue from your midsection. We then put this tissue in a closed loop system and wash it with a saline fluid to get rid of any of the impurities and then re-inject the tissue back in the joint being treated.
The Mesenchymal cells then get to work at regenerating and rejuvenating the damaged structure and cartilage in the joint and essentially restores the joint to however it was before you started experiencing any discomfort. The procedure itself is performed in just under one hour and you are free to leave the clinic the very same day.

‘Do I need to go under general anaesthetic?’

No, you have the option to have the procedure done under general or local anaesthetic, or to be sedated. We usually recommend that our patients are sedated as it just makes to the whole experience a little bit more comfortable.

‘How much fat do you remove?’

It’s a very small amount of fat, around 50ml, around the size of an espresso cup.

‘What is the recovery time like?’

There is a minimal recovery time associated with the procedure. We say that patients should take it easy 2-3 days post procedure. Post-op patients will experience a dull aching pain in the joint for 2-3 days, however the pain is not debilitating and can be managed with regular strength painkillers. We say that patients are then usually back to full activity within 5 days and the full effects of the treatment are felt within 5 weeks.

‘What is the success rate?’

The Lipogems technology has been around for over 2 and half years now and has been used to treat over 25,000 patients. Surgeons all over the world are reporting an 80-90% success rate with all of their patients. We have the same success rate at our clinic. 

‘How long does the treatment last?’

In theory this should just be a one off treatment as essentially we are restoring the joint to its condition before you started to experience any problems.

‘What kind of aftercare is involved with the procedure?’

We suggest that all of our patients engage in around 10 sessions of physiotherapy post treatment to ensure the get the maximum benefit from the increased mobility the procedure has allowed for.

‘What are the benefits of this procedure over a (ex. Full/partial hip replacement)?’

The Lipogems procedure is a fantastic alternative to major replacement surgery. The procedure is minimally invasive with a minimum recovery time. You do not have to go under general anesthetic and they are comparatively priced.

‘Why do you harvest the stem cells from the fat tissue and not from the bone marrow?’

The harvesting of stem cells from bone marrow is an invasive treatment, conducted under general anesthetic that can be very painful. The mesenchamyal cells present in the fat tissue are easier and less painful to access. There is also research to show that the quality of stem cells in bone marrow decreases significantly as you get older, especially in women. Age and gender has no effect on the quality of stem cells present in fat tissue. Both methods of harvesting have been tried, tested and have proven to be very affective.

‘I have very severe arthritis (bone on bone), is this treatment suitable for me?’

The Lipogems technology has been used successfully on patients with all stages of arthritis, that being said, each case is unique and that is what is so important about the consultation. Our clinicians are specialists in joint preservation and rejuvenation and will be able to assess your individual suitability for the procedure.

‘I have recently had steroid injections, will the effect the outcome of the procedure?’

Steroid injections to not affect the outcome of the treatment however they do delay how soon you have can have the procedure done. Patients must wait 3 months after their last injection before they have to procedure. They can still come in for their consultation in the meantime though.

The Consultation

‘I would like to discuss an additional joint that is troubling me, will that be possible?’

Yes of course. We can arrange for you to have some imaging done of the extra joint if you do not have any already and we would also be able to offer you a considerable discount on the price of the procedure if you would like to have multiple joints treated.

‘I am traveling from outside of London, will it be possible to have my Consultation and procedure on the same day?’

Yes, if we are given enough notice we can occasionally arrange for you to have your consultation and procedure on the same day. What is often easier is to arrange for you to have your consultation and procedure on adjacent days. Ie consult one day and procedure the following day.

‘What if I am not suitable for the Lipogems procedure, is there a point of me having a consultation?’

Our clinicians are specialists in joint preservation and rejuvenation and will be able to discuss all of your regenerative options with you, not just Lipogems. If the clinician thinks you are not suitable for Lipogems they will suggest an alternative course of treatment.

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